THE VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U-15 Project

Update Log


1st March 2020 - Update to version v5.3:

  • Flight Dynamics Model :
    • Drag tuneup for landing gears, fuselage and propeller.
  • Systems:
    • Vertical Speed Indicator was calibrated to show accurate readings in values between +500 and -500 feet per minute.

9th November 2019 - Update to version v5.2:

  • Flight Dynamics Model :
    • Aircraft tune-up for X-Plane 11.40+ Experimental flight model: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder throws were tuned-up.

1st September 2019 - Update to version v5.1:

  • Flight Dynamics Model - engine/prop:
    • Manual feathering system refinement to allow unfeathering of the prop just as the aircraft is being loaded in 'cold and dark' mode.
    • Empty weight reduced back to 727 lb.
  • Systems:
    • Navigation lights re-wired correctly to work also when power is set to 'off' but while the electrical bus is 'hot' when the engine is running.

28th August 2019 - Update to version v5.0:

  • Flight Dynamics Model refinements, systems:
    • New flight dynamics model designed for X-Plane 11.30+ Experimental Flight Model environment (must be enabled in X-Plane's general-settings menu).
    • Complete new performance and handling characteristics tune-up.
    • Choke system is now operational (however, "cold-day" simulation is currently not implemented in X-Plane's out of the box features).
  • 3D modeling and model design:
    • Completely new internal engineering.
    • Canopy is now operational and animated.
    • PBR implementation.
    • Transponder/Radios re-arrangements, COM1 is integrated into the GNS530, and the older transponder was replaced with a new, GTX-327 (simplified version).
    • Cockpit instruments lighting.
    • Optimizations for VR usage.
    • AviTab compatibility was added (AviTab plugin is not included, as it is not part of the VSKYLABS projects).
  • FMOD Sound-pack:
    • Maintenance update.
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin was added!

2nd November 2018 - Update to version v4.7:

  • Fix to Joystick throttle command issues with X-Plane 11.30b1+

31 January 2018 - Update to version v4.6:

  • Virtual-Reality compatibility update
    • Adaptation to VR usability is completed.
    • Improved manipulators layout optimized for VR controllers.

14th January 2018 - Update to version v4.5:

  • Virtual-Reality compatibility update
    • Both control sticks, all levers, knobs, switches, handles are defined for VR operations.
    • FMOD sound pack included.

21th November 2017 - Update to version v4.4:

  • Maintenance update for future X-Plane 11.10 compatibility:
    • This update was triggered to encounter some engine issues which were detected in X-Plane 11.10 beta versions. It is a minor update in terms of features, but a major update in terms of internal engineering and preparation for the upcoming updates.
  • Compatibility maintenance:
    • The aircraft is X-Plane 11.05 model, but with the needed fixes to it's engine's simulation model for X-Plane 11.10 compatibility.
  • Interactivity:
    • Improved cockpit manipulators layout.
  • Flight Dynamics Model refinements:
    • Wing spoiler/brakes efficiency tuned.
  • X-Plane 10.51 support ended:
    • The package is no longer including and supporting X-Plane 10.

2nd June 2017 - Update to version v004.3:

  • 3D Modeling - (the main focus of this update):
    • Model internal architecture refinements.
    • Normal maps and glass (canopy) are nicer and shines perfectly.
    • I've switched between the 'Default white' and the 'Red stripes' liveries. Now the default livery is 'Default white'.
  • GNS 530 minor fix:
    • 'CLR' switch is now clickable when operating from the 3D Garmin itself.
  • Flight Dynamics Model refinements:
    • Minor adjustment to overall drag of the Phoenix so it is slightly less "floaty" on landings. This specific performance aspect is still under evaluation and further updates are to be expected.

25th May 2017 - Update to version v004.2:

This is the first update in a series of updates to the Phoenix, that are planned for the next couple of months.

  • GNS 530 is now 'clickable':
    • It can be operated with and without using the pop-up.
    • Frequency and page/chapter knobs has mouse manipulators so you can switch frequencies with the use of the mouse wheel or click-and-drag. The click-zones layout is experimental, and will be tuned up soon.
  • COMM2 + transponder are also using mouse manipulators:
    • same as in the GNS 530 - layout is experimental and changes are to be expected.
    • COMM2 is now COMM2 (this radio is redundant and will soon to be replaced with other instrument/navigation aid).
  • Cockpit camera can't go through cockpit canopy/walls.
  • 2-D HUD view shows only HUD, without the cockpit.
  • Propeller disc is now volumetric (not seen from the side as a "thin paper", but with volume).

18th April 2017 - Update to version v004.1:

  • Flight model refinement: Minor engine (internal flight model) fix.

4th April 2017 - Update to version v004 - short wingtips feature added:

  • The aircraft is now capable of switching between short and extended wingtips:
    • To switch between wingtips, just 'look' at one of the wingtips, from cockpit 3D view, point the mouse on the wingtip region and click on it!
    • When changing from Extended to Short wingtips, the flight dynamics model is changing as well (flight dynamics model and 3D model are biased, so it is switching the wings practically between 36 and 49 feet span).

2nd April 2017 - Update to version v003 (3D modeling update):

  • 3D Modeling - 'Interactive':
    • Wing-flex animation added.
    • Experimental feature added: Aircraft is vibrating when the engine is running (external and internal). This is an experimental feature that I'm testing in v003. It may be removed in future updates (according to users experience feedback).
  • 3D Modeling - Aircraft painting:
    • Default livery improved.
    • Added an 'all white' livery.
    • Canopy is now featuring a tinted coating.

30th March 2017 - Update to version v002.1:

  • Flight Dynamics - aircraft ground behavior Phase#1 tuning (cross-winds) - this aspect is scheduled for a Phase#2 tuning in the near future.
  • Propeller disc update (visuals).
  • Added Yaw-String...I've taped it with a silver Duct-Tape ;)
  • Modeling:
    • Emergency Feather lever angle when activated is set to a new value.
    • Minor 3D model fixes.

27th March 2017 - Update to version v002:

  • This was an update FIX to improve frame rate in 50%-70%

27th March 2017 - Initial version release v001