The VSKYLABS Powered Hang Glider Project

Hang Gliding Simulation

For X-Plane 10/11

Four Trikes Included

Sport 'Trike S-1' (V009) for X-Plane 11.00 / 10.51

Sea 'Trike S-1-F' (V009) for X-Plane 11.00 / 10.51

Micro 'Microlight Trike S-3' (V009) for X-Plane 11.00 / 10.51

Rigid-wing 'Experimental S-4' (V002) for X-Plane 11.00 / 10.51

What is an Ultralight Hang Gliger Trike aircraft?

An ultralight trike aircraft, also known as a flex-wing trike, weight-shift-control aircraft, microlight trike, deltatrike or motorized deltaplane, is a type of powered hang glider using a high-performance Rogallo wing coupled to a propeller-driven three-wheeled undercarriage. While many powered aircraft have three-wheeled landing gear, the term "trike" refers specifically to the form of aircraft described above.

Flight control in a trike is made by weight-shifting; the undercarriage structure is connected to the wing at a hinge-point, and the wing can be tilted in both X and Y axes. While on the ground (takeoff for example), pushing the wing control bar raises the angle of attack of the wing and lift is produced. As the aircraft is airborne, moving the control bar of the wing causes the undercarriage to swift both sideways or back and forth, and a weight-shifting control is achieved.

Extra reading / watching / learning

How to fly a hang glider trike?

You can go to these YouTube links and get yourself familiar with this beautiful flying machine. It is from the channel of Paul Hamilton (I don't know him in person but his videos are great):

Reading Recommendation

"Hang Gliding"

The Natural High of self launched personal flight/Peter L.Dixon

I came across this book in a very interesting used books store in California ("Point Reyes Books"). At the time, I was in the middle of a really deep research into hang gliding. I was looking for some authentic materials and writings from the 60's and the 70's...trying to understand deeply what I've experienced as child, observing these triangle gliders on the beach in the early 80.

The book is an authentic, almost documentary reading material from the past (it was printed in 1977), with a wide-spread content, from Hang Gliding history to weather flying, safety, flying techniques and even considerations regarding the selection of a Hang Gliding school...The book begins with describing the very interesting aviation history facts that lead to the modern hang-gliding sport, and continues to introduce the the hang-glider itself.

When reading this book, there is a feeling as if you are listening to a Hang Gliding fascinating mentor; the author is talking about the items in 1st person point of view, and gets into the finest details of introducing and presenting the Hang Gliding sport by thorough explanations and authentic, personal testimonials. Oh..and there are *plenty* of drawings and original photos with useful commentary.

To sum up this short review...I will say that this book will take its reader back to the magical era of the wild and innocent days of old-time hang-gliding.

Here is a sample, one of many amazing testimonials and flying stories within the book:

"Then the kite popped upside down, nose first, and the aluminum crinkled and tore. I said, "Oh no," and then I was under it again. Next, I was snapped into a violent spin, and I couldn't find any control bar to hold onto. I tried to reach the cross bar, but I couldn't get my hands above my face because of the G's. I couldn't even recognize my kite....I knew I was dead when the aluminum broke. I guess that I got rather involved with how long I had. I was spinning so fast that I couldn't tell how high I was. Then there was brief hindsight; 'You shouldn't have taken off, you dumb shit; I wish that I hadn't put all of my marbles into one bag; why don't I have parachute?' That's all the time I spent kicking myself. Down below I could see greenery everywhere, but in the middle of the trees was a very large rock - no hope at all. All I could think was, 'O.K., if this is what you've gotten yourself into, it's alright.' If you transgress the rules of the element you're in, then you'll have to make payment. I found myself resigned to this. 'It's alright.' I said out loud three times to try and fortify myself. In a way, I became detached; I got bored with being so helpless. I thought about disengaging myself, so I'd be flung out into the bushes or trees, but I still couldn't tell how high I was. Then I began to make out details in the rock that I was going to crash into."

Here are a few sample photos (there are also colored photos in the book):