Always check your VSKYLABS project version

The VSKYLABS models are maintained as real-life aircraft. Periodic "inspections" and constant development are part of any project. You are invited to follow the VSKYLABS Facebook page, as it is one of the first places to get update and release news. To update your project version, simply log into your store account and re-download the project. Some of the projects are including the STMA AutoUpdater plugin.

The projects which are utilizing the STMA AutoUpdater are having a 'Build version' which is the base version to be downloaded, and an updated version, which indicates the current version of the project that was acquired via the auto updater. Every once in a while, the 'Build version' is being replaced with a new one, to match the most updated version.

Always fly a VSKYLABS Project with X-Plane realism set to 100%

The VSKYLABS projects are designed and tuned to fly with X-Plane's realism settings on 'FULL REALISM'. For best flying experience make sure to set it up in your X-Plane's settings (to be found in the joystick settings screen).

Use the STABLE FLIGHT MODEL (non experimental) in X-Plane 11.30+

X-Plane 11.30 is introducing the Experimental Fight Dynamics mode, which will allow to fly planes with the evolving 'next generation' X-Plane's flight dynamics model.

The Experimental Flight Model mode is optional, and users can select using it by enabling it through the General Settings menu in X-Plane.

The Experimental Flight Model is, as its name is indicating, an experimental flight dynamics environment which will allow Laminar Research to develop X-Plane's next-generation flight dynamics model in the real-time environment of X-Plane. It will be developed and evaluated throughout several versions of X-Plane 11, right until it will get into a 'stable' state. It is prone to changes, therefore is not considered as *stable*.

Meanwhile, while having it as an option for users to test in X-Plane 11.30+, it is allowing aircraft developers to evaluate and test their models extensively, mapping the needed changes and have them ready for the time in which the experimental flight model will become *stable*.

The experimental flight model mode is available also in the current X-Plane 11.30 beta version.

VSKYLABS has started to test and evaluate its projects with the experimental flight model mode, as preparation for things to come. The experimental flight model mode is prone to changes and updates and it is not considered as *stable*.

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT TO USE THE EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHT MODEL MODE ON A REGULAR BASIS, BUT ONLY FOR EVALUATION PURPOSE. In the meantime, bug-reports for this environment will not be addressed on the practical level.

However, VSKYLABS aircraft users can report issues found in the experimental mode, using the VSKYLABS Bug/Issues report system.

The VSKYLABS Projects are designed and developed as native (default) X-Plane 11 add-ons, This is assuring a relatively simple adaptation process to the new flight dynamics model, when time is right. Actual transition of the flight dynamics models of the VSKYLABS projects to X-Plane's next-generation flight model environment will occur down the road, when Laminar Research will define the Experimental Flight Model as *stable*.