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Hi there!

Welcome to the world of VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations

I am 'JetManHuss', founder and leader of VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations. I am a retired professional pilot, having thousands of flight and instruction hours on props, turboprops and high performance jets. I am also an experienced aircraft accident investigator, specialized in aircraft performance analysis, FDR analysis, flight path recreation/reconstruction and simulation.

X-Plane came into my life back in the year 2000. Throughout the years, my professional life got me to fly some of the most amazing aircraft both in real life and in X-Plane. Although PC based flight simulators (to be more precise...any kind of flight simulator) can't perfectly replicate every aspect of flight, X-Plane does an amazing job, giving the limitations of computer-based flight simulation nowadays. I love it!

VSKYLABS was created out of curiosity and excitement. Aviation and space takes a major part in my life for decades, as a profession and as a hobby. All of the VSKYLABS projects are 'experimental' projects in terms of internal engineering and development techniques, as well as the flight performance aspect. One of the core-concepts of the VSKYLABS Projects is that they are designed to work in X-Plane's native environment, without any 3rd party dependencies (such as external coding and plugins). The VSKYLABS projects are more of an ongoing efforts rather than a "mainstream finished products", so an update/upgrade plan is always to be expected.

Other than creating the VSKYLABS projects for X-Plane, VSKYLABS is also involved in several world-wide aerospace projects and development efforts of full-scale flying vehicles, LSA experimental aircraft design, drones, mini-drones and more. Involvement is including:

  • Advanced flight dynamics modeling design and analysis.
  • Complete vehicle design, modeling and visualization.
  • Development for VR environments.
  • Aircraft performance and handling characteristics analysis (simulated, FDR).
  • Real-time mission simulation and visualization.
  • Accident and mishap investigation.

That's pretty much it!

Fly safe!


Contact Information

Direct email address for support and other inquiries: contact@vskylabs.com

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