THE VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U-15 Phoenix Project

The VSKYLABS Phoenix Ait U-15 Phoenix Project

For X-Plane 11.30+

The VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U15 S-LSA Phoenix Project

The development of the VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U-15 Project for X-Plane 11 was approved by Phoenix Air. Although acknowledged by Phoenix Air, it is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not affiliated with and/or endorsed by Phoenix Air.

This project is part of the VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' series, designed specifically for use with X-Plane 11.40+ cutting edge Experimental Flight Model (should be enabled in X-Plane's General Settings menu).

Project Introduction:

The Phoenix Air Phoenix is the second VSKYLABS, real-life LSA project for X-Plane flight simulator, initially released in 2017. Like with the VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX project, this project's focus is about the virtual aircraft performance, simplicity and effectiveness of its design and engineering.

The project features the Phoenix U-15 aircraft, which is a kind of a 'hybrid' aircraft; powered aircraft by Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp engine, and at the same time, a high performance glider. I have plans to get further with this project and to develop the D-14 variant of the Phoenix, which is an electric powered, retractable landing gears motor glider.

The VSKYLABS Phoenix Air Phoenix project is under constant development. Package updates are to be expected. Update/upgrade plan is including (among other things): 3D modeling and aircraft performance refinements. The free updates are being pushed out automatically to all buyers.

Project Highlights:

  • VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' Project: designed for use with X-Plane 11.30+ cutting edge Experimental flight model environment, featuring a superb flight dynamics with authentic performance and flight handling characteristics.
  • Built for VR: development was tailored specifically for VR, and optimized for 2D usage.
  • Engineered and designed as a default X-Plane aircraft (Like all VSKYLABS projects). The VSKYLABS projects are practically show-casing X-Plane, as they are stretching X-Plane default features, systems and flight model to its limits...delivering a very robust simulation model, having maximum compatibility with the ever evolving X-Plane flight simulator.
  • Two versions of wings included: The U15 S-LSA aircraft is featuring replaceable wing-tips: ‘Extended’, 15m and short, 11m span. These may be replaced easily in real life, allowing the U15 to be flown as a motor-glider or as a ‘cruiser’ Light Sport Aircraft (a bit faster, higher roll-rate, more maneuverable aircraft). This feature is included in the VSKYLABS U15 Project, which is having two different sets of wing flight-model.
  • Built-in Avitab Plugin Compatibility (AviTab plugin is not included).
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin is included - all updates are being pushed smoothly without the need to re-download the entire base package (base package will be updated every once in a while to minimize the gap).
  • Highly responsive VSKYLABS support forums: Professional discussions which results in incorporating users feedback into the on-going scheduled development plan. Real-pilots inputs (as well as sim-pilots feedback) are always welcome, and in practice sets the the VSKYLABS projects within solid, professional margins over time
  • The project is under constant maintenance and development - updates are free.

Phoenix Air Phoenix background and history

The Phoenix Air Phoenix is a Czech low-wing, two-seat motor glider, designed and manufactured by Phoenix Air ( - developed by Martin Stepanek) and provided as a complete ready-to-fly aircraft. The Phoenix was designed to comply with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale microlight rules and US light-sport aircraft rules.

The aircraft is certified in the USA as an S-LSA Glider, and imported to the US by Phoenix Air USA (

The aircraft features a cantilever wing, a T-tail, a two-seats-in-side-by-side configuration, enclosed cockpit under a bubble canopy, fixed conventional landing gear and a 100 hp Rotax engine.

It is built from composites. Its 15 m span wing can be converted to 11 m by removing the wing tips and installing shorter ones for faster cruise speed when flown as a microlight aircraft. An electric powered version (D-14) is under development.

The Phoenix can be flown for hundreds or thousands of miles with either sets of wings. It is a super-versatile, state of the art light sport aircraft.

Useful External links and Documents:

Please refer the following documents (Pilot Operating Handbook) of the real Phoenix aircraft as the operation manual of the VSKYLABS Phoenix for use in X-Plane flight simulator, in terms of flying characteristics, handling, techniques etc...

*The following links, websites and other entities are not affiliated and/or related with VSKYLABS. They are presented *as is* and VSKYLABS is not responsible for its content.

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