Monday, May 15, 2017

VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Update Log

This is the VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Update Log page

Update release to version v003.2 (23 August 2017):

  • This is a minor update, addressing aircraft performance at cruise speeds.
    • Flight Dynamics Model:
      • Performance for Maximum Cruise fine tuned - now exceeding 140-150 Knots at maximum cruise power.
    • Engine simulation:
      • Oil system setup for propellers not being feathered in cold and dark startup.
      • Oil Temp nominal temperature tuned.

Update release to version v003.1 (4th June 2017):

  • This update features some needed touches to the textures work of the P2006T:
    • Both for XP11 and XP10.51.
    • The aircraft features now tinted windows.
    • Aircraft color and textures for the default livery (currently the only livery) was refined.
    • Normal maps now works with the new refined textures.

Major update release to v003.0 (1st June 2017):
  • Aircraft general 3D engineering:
    • Aircraft general 3D engineering, including internal division/tree-structure was changed and improved.
    • Glass work and normal maps refinements and setting. The aircraft is looking (even) better now in terms of reflections, glass reflections etc...
    • 3D Engineering modifications are also contributing to squeezing up some more FPS (although the model is performing very good in terms of FPS since day#1).  
  • Cockpit environment:
    • GNS 530/430 interaction is now using mouse manipulators - to reduce the mouse-click times - you can either click or use the mouse wheel up/down to change frequencies etc. (user request)
    • Manifold Pressure gauge - the needles are now longer and exceeds the scale for more convenient readings (user request).
  • Checklists text files added:
    • Each aircraft folder (X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10) is including a folder named "P06T-CHECKLISTS". Inside this folder you will find text files with the checklists for the P2006T. (user request).
    • You can use it on-screen pop-up window by loading a 'checklist' or 'text file' straight from X-Plane's interface, during flight (in X-Plane 11 is done from the 'File" tab, while in X-Plane 10 it is done from the 'Special' tab). 

Major update release to v002.1 (24th May 2017):
  • Flight Dynamics Model:
    • Aircraft performance and handling PHASE#2 completed (from now on, only few, minor adjustments remained).
    • Rotax 912S3 engines tuneup - idle/max power rpm limitations and propeller performance checkup.
    • Aircraft Takeoff, Climb, Cruise performance tune and checkup (in comparison to the performance charts, figures may vary but within a reasonable margin).
    • Single engine performance tune and checkup - the aircraft's engines are now performing accurately, bringing the single engine performance into the target accuracy (in comparison to the performance charts, figures may vary but within a reasonable margin).
    • Aircraft ground performance tune and checkup - maximum braking can now hold the aircraft firmly in the engine run-up tests.
  • Aircraft sounds:
    • Internal sounds tuneup (it is not yet under the FMOD feature, but it will become available in the near future).
  • General aspects:
    • 2D HUD view is now showing only the HUD.
    • Aircraft textures - external fuel tanks textures added (on top of wings).

Major update release to v002.0 (22nd May 2017):
  • Virtual Cockpit environment:
    • Instrument gauges plates are more clear (DG/RMI).
    • Instrument gauges night textures more bright and crisp.
    • Various textures fixes (internally).
    • GNS 530 more clearer buttons textures.
    • Pitch-Trim indicator is more sensitive (the movement of the needle should be more noticeable).
  • Annunciator Panel and systems:
    • Annunciator panel lights colors fixed (when on and off).
    • Electrical fuel pumps operation lights are now functioning.
    • Landing gears warning added: when you are flying below 78 knots, with flaps in 'LANDING' position and with the gears 'UP', you will hear the aural warning.
  • Sounds:
    • Internal engine sounds improvements (it is not yet under the FMOD feature, but it will become available in the near future).
    • Stall warning volume adjustments. 
  • General aspects/features:
    • ICAO aircraft type designator fixed and is now: P06T. 
    • Landing/Taxi lights re-alignment.
    • Propeller discs - Added volumetric side view propeller effect.
    • Added animated pilot/cabin doors. To open/close the door simply click on the door area. Currently the doors are biased (click opens both doors) but it will get to be separated in the future. Opening the doors is affecting the flight model by adding drag in the doors positions. The doors will automatically get closed in once in the air, and when airborne, the doors may indicate that they are "unlocked", although they will be seen physically closed (as the air is supposedly pushing the doors and not letting them open wide).
    • Various textures fixes (as a preparation for a paint-kit file, which will be available soon).

Initial version release v001.1 update (17th May 2017):
  • Flight dynamics model tuning:
    • The aircraft is now more comfortable on final with full flaps and gears down.
    • Engine and propeller simulation adjustments (mainly for the fine pitch regime).
    • Flaps drag coefficient tune-up to match the appropriate descent characteristics.
  • Landing and Taxi lights fix:
    • Lights illuminates runways as it should be.
  • Takeoff trim settings fix:
    • Preset for take-off trim was set properly so it would induce an unwanted pitch-up moments on takeoff.
  • Interactivity improvements:
    • 'Hide Yoke' feature added (for better front panel visualization). To hide/unhide the Yoke, simply click on its base as shown in the screenshot below (the green zone).
    • GPS knobs operation from pilot seat improved.


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