VSKYLABS Polaris Motor FIB

VSKYLABS Polaris Motor FIB

All trike lovers!

I have recently got the approval from 'Polaris Motor' to create a simulation model of the Polaris FIB ("Flying Inflatable Boat"). What a great honor! It is a flying boat ultralight trike, designed and produced by 'Polaris Motor' (from Italy) since the 80's.

After weeks of design and integration work, I am very proud to post a screenshot of the upcoming VSKYLABS trike for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.51. It is a high-definition model, with a very high level of details and resolution.

The VSKYLABS Polaris Motor FIB project will also try to reach the limits of realism in comparison to the real aircraft, and will feature the great interactive features of the existing VSKYLABS S-1/S-3/S-4 trikes.

Once ready, probably during February 2017, the FIB is going to be added to the VSKYLABS Hang-Glider simulation project. It will be a free update to all previous buyers.

This is super-exciting!



  1. Wow! This will be a very generous update. Thank you in advance. I went to the web link and it says that their site is under construction. However, the video on their Facebook page is amazing! I had no idea something like this actually exits. This will be a fun one.