Monday, October 12, 2015

JetManHuss YSFlight report 2015

JetManHuss special report: YSFlight Flight simulator.

It's about time!
This is a little flight simulation software I know since, I think, the year 2000 (its development began at 1999, by Soji Yamakawa). With lots of add-ons and packages, it's one of the most spicy flight simulators I know and use today, and it's still improving and updating. 

Here is a quick report to give a general idea of this nice piece of flight simulator. I've gathered down this post some important links to start with.

First think to know:
YSFlight is different from nowadays high-end flight simulators. It's a low-end software with low-resolution graphics. Add-on stuff is getting better and better, including really detailed and animated aircraft and other vehicles, as you can see in some of the videos I've attached down this post. The GUI is taking you back to the 80', but is functional. After passing these barriers, thing are starting to get real fun!

YSFlight is mainly good for:
  • Air Combat (Air-to-Air / Air-to-Ground missions and multiplayer), with good A.I. opponents.
  • Formation flying and aerobatics.
  • Military / Civilian aviation.
  • Flight School.

Flight Dynamic Model:

It's flight model does not use third-party Flight Dynamic Model (like Flight Gear for example), but a built-in one. A .DAT file determines the characteristics of the aircraft by several variables which affect the aircraft behavior. This FDM (the Flight Dynamics Model) file has grown over the years and include more and more variables. This file can be setup with a simple text editor. All in all, the flight model is what I call "good enough". Let's say that you don't want fly YSFlight if you are looking for a realistic flight model. The flight model is for sure good enough for free flight, aerobatics and for dogfights, and all in all - makes the flying experience of the wide range of types of aircraft to be very enjoyable. 

List of YSFlight general features:
  • A growing community.
  • A growing list of features.
  • Free to use.
  • Windows and Linux.
  • Aircraft and weapons are easy to fly and operate.
  • Multiplayer server.
  • Runs on low-end computers.
  • 71 aircraft included, "out of the box".
  • Add-ons (aircraft, maps, cars, tanks...).
  • Add-ons creation by users.
  • Weapons, guided missiles, AAA + A.I. 
  • Real action in it's included and multiplayer war games.

Here are some major community and addons LINKS:
  • The YSFlight simulator main developer's This is basic, but include the recent updates and versions for YSFlight.
  • The YSFlight Headquarters, the YFHQ site: which is a huge portal with aircraft and scenery downloads, as well as Media section and, most important, the YFHQ forums. They have a good facebook page also with some amazing stuff.
  • YSFlight Realism Pack is another major add-on page which can be found here: This place has add-on packages with improved flight model characteristics, and aim for a 'super download of YSFlight' with great add-on packs, missions, aircraft and scenery.
  • YSFINDER - YSFS Aircraft Add-On Database: This is a big portal for YSFlight aircraft add-ons.
  • Taskforce 58's YSFlight Hangar: Portal for huge packages of WWII and modern aircraft, maps, weapons, motor vehicles.
  • Default key/joystick control (updated 11/02/2005):

I really recommend having this flight simulation software installed on your machine. Even for a "rainy day". It's a whole different flavor of flight simulation and action, with lots of features, and with it's mods and add-ons packages, could be a "low-fat" treat for flight simulation, combat flight simulation or aviation enthusiasts.

Here are some GREAT videos, which shows what I meant when I wrote "spicy" at the beginning of this post. These are not my videos, I don't own any rights on any materials within these videos. If, by any chance, the right holders of the videos would like me to get it off this post, please email me and I'll do that.

Note that some of the videos are showing really old version of the simulator (last version is of 2015). Updated version include particles, fog, transparent smoke and puffy clouds etc.

Hope you'll find it useful. I did :)



  1. actually,the FilghtSimHQ's Realism Pack is a major compilation of all addons we made......



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