VSKYLABS Freeware Content (Outdated/Partial Projects)

The following VSKYLABS freeware projects are old X-Plane 9 & 10 experimental designs.

They may present compatibility issues with recent versions of X-Plane.

The VSKYLABS RC Homeland Project (X-Plane 10.42)

Radio Controlled model airplanes for X-Plane flight simulator.


It is highly recommended to use a Transmitter-like controller for these models. Using a regular joystick will compromise realism.

Where to fly

It is highly recommended to use the VSKYLABS RC flying site (free download). This is an RC oriented flying site, that is arranged for RC flying. Switching to Control-Tower view will set you up in the RC-Pilot position with no hassle.

Download Link: VSKYLABS 'RC-City' flying site

High-Definition vs Lower Definition models

The 'RC-Homeland' project is a freeware project, but there are a few high definition models that are under development.

The first High-Definition RC package is the 'Scratch-Built RC Legends 2015' package (a highly realistic RC models for professional training).

VSKYLABS RC Models for X-Plane 10 (Freeware)