The VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB Project

Update Log


Update version v2.0 - Major update relased (20th May 2020)

  • General:
    • STMA Autoupdater plugin was added to the project.
  • Flight dynamics:
    • re-designed and tuned for X-Plane 11 Experimental flight model environment.
    • Ground and water handing tuneup.
  • Internal Engineering:
    • Project internal architecture was updated to allow future updates within the project's development road-map.
  • 3D modeling:
    • Improved PBR textures all around.
  • Systems, Interactivity and VR:
    • Pilot figure conversion for VR operations (no-head operations).
    • Passenger was added (visuals + physical weight), including on-the-fly loading/unloading of the passenger (by clicking on her seat in VR/3D cockpit mode).
    • Parking brakes added to allow comfortable operation on inclined surfaces. Parking brakes interaction zones are the left portion of the boat, and/or the Brakes icon on the Smartphone.
    • Manual throttle was added, located in-front and on-top of the pilot's head, allowing manual throttle operation with VR touch controllers.
    • Control bar control using VR touch controllers was added.
    • GNS 530 was removed.

Initial Version Release: v1.0 - (12th December 2017)