The VSKYLABS Test-Pilot: Cicare-8 Project

A High Definition Ultralight Helicopter Simulation for X-Plane 11.40+

Designed for use with X-Plane's latest Experimental Flight Model

The VSKYLABS development of the Cicare-8 project for X-Plane flight simulator was acknowledged by Cicaré S.A. However, it is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not related, affiliated and/or endorsed with Cicaré S.A.

The VSKYLABS Test-Pilot: Cicare-8 Project Introduction

This project is part of the VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' series, designed specifically for use with X-Plane 11 cutting edge Experimental Flight Model (should be enabled in X-Plane's General Settings menu)

The Cicare-8 ULM helicopter is an innovative ultralight helicopter, incorporating the vast experience of Mr. Augusto Cicaré and his team. The Cicare-8 was developed as a two seat helicopter, based on the platform of the successful Cicaré 7B and 7T helicopters. The Cicare-8 is also available as a kit.

The Cicare-8 helicopter is incorporating the latest technology and materials, which allows low operating costs, low empty weight and higher payload, low fuel consumption, reliability, maneuverability and efficiency.

The project is setting up a highly detailed and highly accurate Cicare-8 simulation along with full VR compatibility, within the default features of X-Plane 11, stretching it to its limits.

It is highly recommended to visit the Cicare-8 website: (English language) (Spanish language)

Project Main Features:

  • VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' Project.

  • Highly defined flight dynamics model of the Cicare-8, built around the powerful, native X-Plane 11 'Experimental Flight Model' environment (must be selected in the General settings window in X-Plane 11).

  • Highly detailed model of the Cicare-8 helicopter.

  • Fully functional VR (Virtual Reality) Ready.

  • Built-in Avitab Compatibility (Avitab plugin not included).

  • Multi-Layer FMOD sound pack.

  • The project is under constant development: development road-map is including flight model refinements, enhanced systems depth, additional liveries and other improvements.

  • STMA Autoupdater is included: project updates are fast and efficient!

  • Highly responsive VSKYLABS support forums.