Frequently Asked Questiones

When I press the "Buy" button, I am re-directed to another site ('sellfy'). What is this site and is it safe?

'Sellfy' is an e-commerce store platform for digital product self publishers. VSKYLABS is running an online store by using it. The customer's personal information is protected and securely transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology.

Are the VSKYLABS projects fully compatible with X-Plane?

The VSKYLABS projects are designed to be fully compatible with X-Plane without the need for any special action, additional add-on, plugins etc; just unzip and copy the project's folder into the required X-Plane folder and that's it!

One of the core VSKYLABS design concepts is to create the projects without any external/plugin dependencies. This is making the projects solid stable with the highest "MTBF" and the shortest time tables to handle X-Plane's sudden and unexpected major updates. This will ensure a "non-conflict" state of the projects with other plugins and a high usability rate throughout X-Plane's features evolution.

What do I have to do in order to get a new update for the VSKYLABS add-on I've just purchased?

You will have to do absolutely nothing. VSKYLABS product updates are released as FREE UPDATES to all of its buyers (in separate for each product). An automatic delivery system will sent you an e-mail, announcing an update, and a free-download button to use. Note that VSKYLABS often add an additional aircraft to an existing package (mostly an additional variant). If so, you will have it to your doorstep automatically.

What if the add-on that I'll purchase will not work properly? 


There is a very responsive technical support for all of the VSKYLABS products. There are several and easy contact methods that will trigger a fast and efficient help:
  • The VSKYLABS support forums, in which you can sign up and easily post any kind of technical issues for help.
  • Contact VSKYLABS support at 
  • Leave a comment in the relevant post at
  • Use the high-traffic-rate and very active VSKYLABS Support Forums at the portal.
Either way you'll choose, you will get a professional and personal support for any technical or other issue.

If I will find out that I had purchased something that I thought to be something else...and it is not what I thought it would be...what do I do?

In such case, don't be shy! please contact VSKYLABS support at 
You will get a full-refund for your purchase. No harm is done :) 
In this matter, all of the VSKYLABS products have detailed screenshots, videos and information. I recommend reading the aircraft information before buying so it will be clear and straight with your expectations.

Note: The VSKYLABS projects are available also at the Store. Buying a VSKYLABS project from the Store will be subject to Store policy in terms of refunds and other purchase related issues, but all buyers (from both stores) will have the same responsive and personal support for the products.

Please read this COPYRIGHT and DISCLAIMER information before downloading and/or using files from VSKYLABS.COM