Mars Exploration

The VSKYLABS Mars Exploration Program

VSKYLABS is an advanced research and simulation laboratory for Mars exploration and an independent contributor to Mars exploration efforts around the globe. Testing and researching many existing concepts and projects, as well as creating and exploring new concepts is a daily activity at the lab:
  • Mars airborne vehicles design and simulation (fixed-wing/rotor-wing/parawing/paragliders...).
  • Mars Aeroshell and atmospheric entry simulation.
  • Mars geographic and environment research for mission planning using high-definition real-time simulation.

The simulation environment and profiles are done using a round-Mars terrain (DEM which is based on data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter - MOLA) and it is also including multi-layered dynamic weather simulation and more advanced features.   

For submitting a Mars exploration collaboration request, please contact: 

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VSKYLABS NASA's Mars scout helicopter drone concept simulation:

Shown below is a short video of VSKYLABS real-time simulation of NASA's scout helicopter drone concept. Vehicle's weight is ~2.5 pounds and measure 3.6 feet across from the tip of one blade to the other. Drone's mass, blades pitch, diameter, RPM, as well as controls configurations are some of the areas that are being tested and evaluated. Its performance is analysed in different winds, barometric pressure and geographic features of Mars environment.

Is it plausible to use a Jet-Pack for Mars operations?

Testing the plausibility of a Jet-Pack system for Mars operations:
  • Power pack configuration (thrust, center of gravity, layout).
  • Plausible fuel and payload mass to carry.
  • Plausible flight and operational envelope and enfurance.
  • Pilot workload and safety envelope.
Shown in the video below is a short simulation of one of the runs with the Jet-Pack.