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Welcome to the world of VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations

I am a retired pilot (thousands of flight hours and instruction on props, turboprops, high performance jets...). I am also an experienced aircraft accident investigator, specialized in aircraft performance analysis, FDR analysis, flight path recreation/reconstruction and simulation using real-time simulation aids.

X-Plane came into my life back in the year 2000 (v5.53 was my first X-Plane version...or was it X-Plane 4?). I had the opportunity to fly some of the most amazing aircraft both in real life and in X-Plane. Although PC based flight simulators (to be more precise...any kind of flight simulator) can't replicate every aspect of flight perfectly, X-Plane does it pretty well, giving the limitations of computer-based flight simulation nowadays. I love it!

Aviation and space takes a major part in my life for decades, either in my real-life work and as a hobby. I create my models out of curiosity and excitement. All of my models are 'experimental' creations in terms of internal engineering and "building" techniques, as well as the flight performance aspect, and an update/upgrade plan is always to be expected. My products are more of an ongoing projects...and lots of information, screenshots etc... can be found in every project's page.

I'm also available for support and discussion through my support forum and e-mail (

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  1. Thanks for the Euro Fox updates. I saw ine for real today!

  2. Thank you for making such great looking, and flying aircraft. bought the euro fox ,and phoenix love both . it's nice that your making light sport aircraft that you can't find anywhere else, plus doing an amazing job making them. thanks again..

  3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your DC-3. I can't believe that you can do such amazing work, especially for a one-man team. I've been flying it a LOT and your flight performance is spot on. You're right up there with Caranedo/Alabeo, and I mean that with the highest praise. I only wish I could know as much about aircraft design as you've demonstrated with this and all of your previous work. What's next, AirCam? ;-)

  4. Thank you all guys :)
    AirCam is a great candidate! chances are high! :)

  5. You are a one-man-team, yet your community spirit is wonderful. The depth of your experience and knowledge in the field of aviation fills me with awe! It is inspiring that you want to share all that with us. I am so much enjoying your DC-3 in X-Plane 11 and look forward to your continuing development of this amazing aircraft. Many thanks.

    1. Hi !
      Thank you for your kind words :)

      The DC-3 project is *super exciting* indeed! So much more to come in its evolution!


  6. Great Work Huss! Just downloading the DC3 update - can't wait to fly it in VR. I have a dual PC setup, so I can fly on one and give a passenger the VR view. (Or me, if no wife/visitors) It blows people away, your DC3 will send them wild, I am sure!

    Thanks again for all the hard work and updates!

    Kind regards, trev (Retired pilot on the Greek island of Crete)

    1. Hi trev,

      Thank you so much for your kind words :)

      A passenger with VR is such a great feature! The DC-3 is fully set with VR, but the interior, especially the passenger cabin, will be thoroughly re-designed in the not so far future with improved scaling and alignments.

      Thanks again!


  7. hi, great work guys and just want to ask how is the CTLS plane comming along do you have a ETA yet ?
    looking forward to buying it !!

  8. Hi,
    is there a chance that your cabri model will be used in VR for official training?