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I am a retired pilot (thousands of flight hours and instruction on props, turboprops, high performance jets...). I am also an experienced aircraft accident investigator, specialized in aircraft performance analysis, FDR analysis, flight path recreation/reconstruction and simulation using real-time simulation aids.

X-Plane came into my life back in the year 2000 (v5.53 was my first X-Plane version...or was it X-Plane 4?). I had the opportunity to fly some of the most amazing aircraft both in real life and in X-Plane. Although PC based flight simulators (to be more precise...any kind of flight simulator) can't replicate every aspect of flight perfectly, X-Plane does it pretty well, giving the limitations of computer-based flight simulation nowadays. I love it!

Aviation and space takes a major part in my life for decades, either in my real-life work and/or as a hobby. I create my models out of curiosity and excitement. All of my projects are 'experimental' creations in terms of internal engineering and "building" techniques, as well as the flight performance aspect, and an update/upgrade plan is always to be expected. My projects are more of an ongoing effforts...and lots of information, screenshots etc... can be found in every project's page.

All of the VSKYLABS projects which are representing real-world aircraft are being developed by full and direct approval of the real-life aircraft companies/designers...what makes the VSKYLABS projects even more exciting, as in some cases, full access to information and details was allowed.

I'm also available for support and discussion through my support forums.

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