VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 Update Log

The VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 Project Update Log

Update to Version Build v1.30b
  • FMOD fix phase#2:
    • FMOD version cut v1.30b for fixing possible FMOD errors on some PC/X-Plane configurations.

Update to Version Build v1.30a
  • FMOD fix phase#1:
    • FMOD sound bank replaced. Restarting X-Plane / Reinstalling the package may be required.

Update to Version Build v1.30
  • Flight Dynamics:
    • Flight dynamics tune-up for tail-rotor performance and responsiveness, especially in high-torque flight conditions (elevated terrain etc...).
    • Weight and balance - pilot weight was added to the base weight (this is not an unmanned drone and by doing so the G2 will be ready to fly with pilot + low-weight payload weight (adding payload to exceed 70kg will bring the passenger to appear in external view).
  • FMOD sounds:
    • FMOD project maintenance - no errors are shown in the log.txt file.
  • STMA AutoUpdater:
    • Automatic updates and notifications (see details below).
    • Fly the most recent version of the project.
    • Each time the aircraft is being loaded - it will auto-check if an update is available.
    • If there is an available update - it will download it and right after will prompt you to reload the aircraft.
    • After reloading the aircraft, you should see a text message confirming that you are using an updated version.
    • After each update - a window will be opened, showing important update notices. Note that this window will show up only ONCE after a new update. A text file with its details will be available in the 'Important_Docs_and_Files' folder within the aircraft folder.
    • To disable the automatic update - edit the settings.txt file with 'allowUpdates:No'

Update to Version v1.2b1

  • Flight Dynamics:
    • Performance tune-up for cruise.
    • Propulsion system tune-up for power.
    • Autorotation rotor behavior tune-up.
    • Handling and stability tune-up.
  • VR Experience:
    • VRconfig.txt file added (realistic yoke and hot-spots defined for both seats - enabling the right seat realistic yoke requires a minor edit in the VRconfig.txt file).
    • Grip-zone for the throttle in non-full-VR collective mode was added to allow more comfortable operation of the collective, as it is lacking of real-life-friction, making it hard to maintain desired throttle setting.
    • VR X-Plane's iPad is now squeezed between the left seat and the mid-pedestal-panel (magnet point defined).
  • 3D modeling:
    • Emergency inflatable floats were removed until the system is fully operational (future update).
    • Paint-kit mapping update: now it is possible to paint underneath the Cabri as well.
    • Added VSKYLABS livery.

  • FMOD Sounds:
    • Rotor blades sounds layers were added (experimental).
    • 3D surround sound adjustments for head movement.

Update to Version v1.1b1
  • This is a major update release which is focused mainly on the propulsion system.
  • Flight dynamics model:
    • Propulsion system envelope expansion.
    • Autorotation envelope expansion. 
    • Fenestron anti-torque authority tuneup.
    • Stability/Sensitivity: Got a notch into the more sensitive zone but will remain for now within reasonably and realistically pilot work-loads requirements. Make sure that you fly the Cabri with X-Plane's realism bars all the way to "maximum realism". 
    • Manual throttle responsiveness tuned.
  • FMOD package:
    • A few tuneups all around.
    • Sliding sounds on replay: Fixed
  • Systems:
    • External lights and switches refinements:
      • Strobe light on the tail is controlled by the Strobe switch.
      • Nav lights (red,green and white) are controlled by the Nav lights switch and are non-flashing.
  • Visualization:
    • Passenger figure appears (external view) only when payload exceeds pilot + passenger weight.

Initial Update Release v1.0b5 (September 12th 2018)

VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 Project initial version release.