A new VSKYLABS scenery project is under construction.
It is the VSKYLABS 'BASE-1'.

This unusual project is a fictional but plausible-engineered operational airbase which is located in Alaska.

The project has initiated after the release of the VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project update which included the skis for snow operations. The general idea was to create a complementary airstrip that will serve as a suggested operational area for the DC-3. The airstrip kept growing during development...triggering this large scale project.

'BASE-1' Introduction:
It is a Research and Communication base. There are several communication and research facilities on site. Base facilities gets power from a set of wind turbines and from a Thermo-Solar power plant, which is the main facility on site. 

The base is covering a huge area and it is not accessible by any kind of land vehicles. It is featuring a main concrete, 3900+ feet long (1200+ meters), 50 meters wide runway and a few helipads/secondary snow airstrips. This configuration is setting the aerodrome facility reference code number to '3D', which is allowing the operations of aircraft from light GE/bush planes to larger ones such as the DC-3, C-130 etc...

Base personnel is including several units and expeditions which are staying in protected habitat compounds.

On site, there are the main base area and few additional areas of interest in its surroundings, in which the research expeditions and maintenance personnel are working at.

The VSKYLABS 'BASE-1'  is an unusual place to fly in, to and from, with unusual possibilities for both air and ground exploration.

Additional features:
As all of the VSKYLABS projects, the initial release version would be only the beginning of a long, under development process. The project updating concept is having "dynamic package updates" available every once in a while, which will reflect the living nature of 'BASE-1'. Here are a few examples:
  1. Base construction - new facilities on site.
  2. Every once in a while, airplanes and helicopters will crash in the surroundings of the base, and it will be time to get the update and hop into an aircraft or one of the ground vehicles to have a close look at the crash site.
  3. Etc...
Time-of-Year dynamic modeling is also planned down the road so the base will appear differently during the changing seasons, automatically (depending on X-Plane's current month of year setting).

Down are a few screenshots, showing some of the basic infrastructure of the main base area.

Expected release:
No release date yet. Base personnel on site are working day and night to bring the base to be operational as soon as possible ;)

Stay tuned as this page will be updated with project progress