VSKYLABS Virtual Reality 2018 - First Impact

VSKYLABS VR 2018 - First Impact

X-Plane 11.20 final was released, introducing a look-and-feel of its native VR environment. VR is a new territory in X-Plane (at least on the user side...), and a lot is to be expected in the future!

Meanwhile, VSKYLABS is getting on board of this new territoryVSKYLABS design and development concept core is ongoing-evolution-based-progress, and the VR aspect have become another active layer in the projects, gaining actual practice and users feedback, in the early stages of native VR in X-Plane. The goal is to evolve while falling in line with X-Plane's VR development, so minimal gaps between the VSKYLABS projects features and X-Plane's integrated features will exist. 

Making the first impact: the leading VSKYLABS projects were updated with a functional VR "layer", flown extensively during development in X-Plane 11.20 throughout its beta versions, and they are ready for VR usage. That is including the use of a 3D headset, and the touch controllers. The VR "layer" allows you to fly and operate the aircraft solely by the VR gear (excluding rudder control, which is not defined yet with available/easy to implement VR solutions).

*All of the upcoming VSKYLABS projects are already having VR compatibility as a design standard. 

VR-Users: The current X-Plane VR manipulators concepts and features may result some of the controls to be very intuitive, but some may be less. These are being monitored by VSKYLABS through the user feedback system at the support forums, taking part in finding practical solutions for the upcoming updates.

NON-VR-Users: having a model optimized for VR meaning that it is featuring a much more thorough and precise mouse manipulators. Using the knobs, switches, handles much more accurate and "right". In addition, every update is getting it's own non-VR related fixes...for example, setting the timer to work with the mouse, or other systems/flight dynamics/3D modeling improvements.

The following VSKYLABS projects are featuring a full VR layer, ready for use in X-Plane 11.20, with headset and fully functioning environment for touch controllers.

Note #1: In general, In X-Plane 11 itself, Rudder control solutions for VR are currently lacking and/or missing. This particular aspect is undergoing evaluation at VSKYLABS and It will be addressed in the first scheduled update for the package.

Note #2: In order to use and enjoy VR environment in X-Plane, user hardware and system specs should meet the required specifications for OS, CPU, GPU, MB and RAM which are specified both in the given VR hardware websites and at

Here is a video collection, showing some of the VR action (note that VR is a high definition 3D, while these videos are somewhat "flat", low-res representation of the vivid virtual world).

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