VSKYLABS Test Pilot: BI-1

VSKYLABS Test Pilot: BI-1


For X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.51

VSKYLABS Test Pilot: BI-1 is the first project to introduce, a part of a series of individual projects that will feature various, legendary experimental and research prototypes.

Each aircraft in the series is designed to deliver the highest quality and professionally tuned flight dynamics and handling characteristics. Fully working systems and detailed, high quality 3D environment are part of the concept!

The first project to introduce and release is the VSKYLABS Test Pilot: BI-1, a Russian rocket powered aircraft prototype which took off to its maiden flight in May 1942. There were several variants, shown here in the screenshots is the BI-6 (equipped with ramjet engines in its wingtips).

This project is expected to be released very soon, and thorough details, screenshots and videos will be posted on this page, so...stay tuned :)