VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Update Log

The VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Update Log

Update Log v5.2 (2nd November 2018) - main features:

  • Fix to Joystick command issues with X-Plane 11.30b1+

Update Log v5.1b2 (3rd October 2018) - main features:
  • Built-in AviTab plugin compatibility:
    • New version v5.1b2 is now featuring a built-in AviTab plugin compatibility.
  • VR Experience:
    • A new vrconfig.txt file was created to allow realistic yoke and hotspots for pilot/co-pilot seats.
    • X-Plane's VR iPad is now placed inside the maps compartment by default.
* The AviTab plugin is a freeware plugin which is not included nor part of the VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Project. The plugin is allowing the usage of a virtual Tablet to visualize moving maps, charts, pdf files etc... Using the AviTab plugin with the VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Project is by user discretion.

Update Log v5.1b1 (29th July 2018) - main features:
  • Flight Dynamics Model:
    • Upgraded to the 100hp Rotax 912 ULS engine (all variants).
    • Re-designed propeller physics (all variants).
    • All-around flight handling and flight characteristics maintenance (all variants).
    • Experimental STOL variant was modified to include fixed leading edge slots and enlarged flaperons for better STOL performance.

Update Log v5.0b1 (18th June 2018) - main features:
  • 3D modeling:
    • Internal engineering modification to allow different cockpit panel layout for each variant in the future.
    • Artificial Horizon and engine instrument gauges remodeled in 3D.
    • Low resolution textures for most of the cockpit panel was upgraded to high resolution.
    • PBR normals for the aircraft were added (interior/exterior).
    • Glass rendering tuneup.
    • Animated doors added (initial version).
  • Systems/Interaction:
    • COM1,2/NAV1,2 animated, functional volume knobs were added.
    • LSA grade (basic) Autopilot system was added.
  • VR compatibility:
    • VR configuration file was added to allow 'Realistic Yoke' feature to work.
  • Flight Dynamics Model:
    • Fight Dynamics Model maintenance and tuneup.

Update Log (21st May 2018, to version v4.0b) - main features:
  • Magnetos system fix:
    • Occasional failures to the magnetos system fixed.

Update Log (6th February 2018, to version v4.0) - main features:
  • Fully functional, VR ready aircraft:
    • All handles, switches, knobs, sticks etc... are fully defined and optimized for X-Plane 11.20 native VR.
  • New FMOD sound package:
    • FMOD sound pack (constantly under development).
  • Flight Dynamics Model & systems:
    • Tundra tires version drag tuneup.
    • Various systems tuneup.
    • Choke was set off in version v4.0 since the aircraft is now featuring an auto mixture setup, as the real Rotax EuroFOX. Choke lever will be back in future updates.

Update Log (20th November 2017, to version v3.7) - main features:
  • This update was triggered to encounter some engine issues which were detected in X-Plane 11.10 beta versions. It is a minor update in terms of features, but a major update in terms of internal engineering and preparation for the upcoming updates.
  • X-Plane 11.10 "ready":
    • Fixes to engine's simulation model for X-Plane 11.10 compatibility.
  • Interactivity:
    • Improved cockpit manipulators layout.
  • Internal engineering:
    • All three variants (240,220,220-Tundra version) are packed now in a single folder.
    • Internal model engineering preparations for the upcoming updates.
  • X-Plane 10.51 support ended:
    • The package is no longer including and supporting X-Plane 10.

Update Log (28th May 2017, to version v003.6) - main features:
  • Aircraft performance and handling tuneup - mainly in the full-flaps/final approach and landing phases of flight. The aircraft is having now a slightly increased descent rate with full-flaps, and overall flaps drag and lift coefficients for the whole plane was refined.
  • GNS 530 interface is now clickable (you can operate it with or without using the pop-up window).
  • 2D view with HUD is showing now only the HUD.
  • Cockpit object camera movement restrictions - now you can't move through the walls and panel.

Update Log (20th April 2017, to version v003.5) - main features:
  • MAJOR UPDATE RELEASE - New (3rd) aircraft included:
    • Bush Plane version of the EuroFOX A220 aircraft, equipped with Tundra tires.
    • Flaps and Drag are slightly modified, as expected in real life STOL aircraft modifications. It is more close to a "bush-plane" in terms of short takeoffs and landings capabilities, but it is still a "EuroFOX" (challenging to land on the spot because of its flaps design).
    • The Tundra-tires version is located in the A220 folder of the package. Both the A220/Standard and A220/Tundra are located in the same folder. 
  • Performance fine-tuning for the A240/A220 models (drag and flaps handling).
  • Separate Icons for each aircraft (for the X-Plane 10.51 versions).

Update Log (8th April 2017, to version v003.4) - main features:
  • Flight dynamics model fixes and tuning:
    • Engine simulation - *Internal* flight model fix to rotation settings.
    • Braking power *reduced* - to allow more authority when braking (especially in the A220 model). This tuning makes it easier to manage the brakes without having a propeller strike while running. X-Plane has two levels of braking command (when using/assigning a key/button to braking). For the higher speed range, use the "Normal" braking assignment, and when really slow or standing still for engine run-up or in an emergency, use the "Maximum braking effort".
    • These are X-Plane's default keys for braking:
      • 'b' = normal brake.
      • 'v' = maximum braking effort.  

Update Log (8th April 2017, to version v003.3) - main features:
  • Minor fix to the Fuel Gauges display mechanism.

Update Log (5th March 2017, to version v003.2) - main features:
  • This is a Flight Dynamics fine tuneup release:
  • Current version is: 
    • EuroFOX A240: v003.2
    • EuroFOX A220: v003.2
  • Flight Dynamic Model tuneup (both models):
    • Sink rate is a bit steeper with full flaps, which allows now a more slower and steeper finals to get this little fellow to land on the spot, more comfortably.
    • Performance fine tuning: the aircraft should feel a tiny bit more "lazy", especially in the roll axis, for more realistic handling characteristics.
    • Pitch Trim is a bit slower in response, will allow to fine-tune the pitch trim during cruise more comfortably.  
  • 3D model:
    • Minor 3D model texture fix for both models.

Update Log (2th March 2017, to version v003.1afix) - main features:
  • This is a minor-fix release (textures and 3D model fixes to the EuroFOX A220 model). 
  • Current version is: 
    • EuroFOX A240: v003.1a (same version as the last one). 
    • EuroFOX A220: v003.1afix (minor fixes to textures and 3D model). 

Update Log (1th March 2017, to version v003.1a) - main features:

  • This is a Major Update Release.
  • Additional aircraft included:
    • The tail wheel A220 aircraft was added.
  • Flight dynamics model tuneup:
    • Cruise speed tune-up - now slightly higher in both models.
    • Total performance of the EuroFOX is now tuned to its final phase; long run fine tuning may proceed in future versions.
  • Pilot functionality:
    • Due to requests for fixing a Kilometers Per Hour (km/h) airspeed gauge, I've set up both the A240 and the A220 with a switchable Air Speed Indicator. To toggle between mph and kph, just click on the Air Speed Indicator edges.

Update Log (26th Feb 2017, to version v003.1) - main features:

  • This is a Major Update Release, and the last pre-planned one to the flight dynamics model, as it reached to its final phase.
  • Flight dynamics model tuneup - final phase:
    • Rotax 912 engine and propeller simulation overhauled: Idle, Max static RPM, RPM changes due to airspeed, engine behavior when cut-off, reduction gearbox working very good now.
    • Total performance of the EuroFOX is now tuned to its final phase; aircraft handling characteristics is now solid in all flight regimes.
  • Systems:
    • Fuel, stater, choke systems tuneup.
  • 3D Modeling additions:
    • Wing fuel tanks Fuel caps (above both wings).
    • Pitot tube (under the right wing).
    • Mass balances for the flaps (tubes that are sticking out in front of each flap).

Update Log (20th Feb 2017, to version v003) - main features:
  • Flight dynamics model tuneup:
    • Important note: The VSKYLABS EuroFOX is now setup with a higher definition flight dynamics model. Many aspects were deeply analysed and modified. This phase (v003) is "experimental" right now, as flight testing proceed. If everything will prove to be solid and stable, it will be the "mature" flight dynamics model of the Tricycle EuroFOX. 
    • Flare technique of keeping the nose high, without extreme pitch trim up, and touchdown at approximately 45 mph (with the nose slightly up) is now possible. It is still recommended to get stable in a final with a trimmed aircraft as a preparation for landing.
    • Stall characteristics of the aircraft might become more violent, if executed/occurred in extreme maneuvering. The aircraft is now less safe than the one in the previous versions, and like the real thing, you have to watch out from tight maneuvers when flying slow and un-coordinated.
  • Electrical System:
    • X-Plane 11 version: Electrical system is now fixed, Battery/Magneto power is now working as it should be (X-Plane 11 has a slightly different electric system core from that of X-Plane 10).
    • Flaps and Trim are not electric (!) and can be operated with dead Battery and engine.
  • Pilot functionality:
    • Throttle operation: The throttle can now be operated with the mouse; press and hold the mouse button while on the throttle lever and set the mouse forward and backwards to adjust power.
    • Flaps operation: The Flaps can now be operated with the mouse; press and hold the mouse button while on the Flaps lever. If you "throw it" up or down, the flaps will go all the way to it's limits (up/maximum down). You don't have to wait, just "throw" it up/down). For fine and gradual operation of the flaps, press and hold the mouse button, and slowly move it up or down, to set it in a desired position.
  • Cockpit environment:
    • Radio, IFF panels and buttons are now having a photo-real, high resolution textures.

Update Log (20th Feb 2017, to version v2)
  • Flight dynamics model tuneup:
    • 'Stuck on unpaved terrain' fixed.
    • Engine static RPM now exceeds ~4,900-5,000 RPM.
    • Propeller and engine models tuned one step forward for accurate performance at a wider flying speed range (from static to high-speed flight).
    • CG, drag and controls fine tuned for more docile low-speed behavior (don't forget to operate the pitch trim during flight).
  • Cockpit environment:
    • A new set of high resolution 3D flight instrument gauges were implemented.New high resolution 3D Altimeter gauge with easy to set barometer setting knob (click-and-drag).
    • Flight instrument gauges glass 'dirt effect' was changed to a more clearer, reflective glass. The GPS flat screen is still dirty as an artistic choice ;)
    • Garmin 530 GPS textures replaced to a photo-real textures.
    • GPS operation LED indicator was implemented into the GPS (use the Avionic switch to turn on/off).
    • Front panel set to high-resolution textures, with crisp cockpit placards.
  • 3D modeling:
    • Interior cabin textures fine tuned all around the cabin.