X-Plane 11 News Flash


X-Plane 11 is here:
VSKYLABS has completed the preparations for creating and/or upgrading its leading add-ons to X-Plane 11. 

VSKYLABS Updates for X-Plane 11:
X-Plane 11 is a remarkable and evolving software. Laminar Research (X-Plane creators) are constantly updating and upgrading X-Plane. We, the users of X-Plane, are experiencing this process as we are using it.

Therefore, Two kinds of VSKYLABS update triggers are possible:
  1. VSKYLABS scheduled update for an add-on (fixing, adding features...).
  2. VSKYLABS update to encounter an X-Plane version update which triggers the need for an internal engineering refinements for better compatibility, performance or appearance.
It is highly recommended to visit the X-Plane Development Blog and get familiar with its update status, current known bugs and other useful information.

Link to X-Plane Developer Blog:

VSKYLABS updates to encounter an X-Plane version update issues (2nd trigger):
From one X-Plane version to another, sometimes there is a need for an update to an existing, "perfectly working add-on". VSKYLABS update process for best compatibility with the *Next version of X-Plane* is a high priority task, and every once a Beta version of X-Plane is being released, an evaluation process is made to estimate the needed steps for a needed update.

Once an X-Plane Beta version goes final and if a compatibility/performance/appearance update is needed, it will be fixed and released shortly after (as soon as practically possible, depending on how dramatic X-Plane update was).

When ready, these VSKYLABS - XP11 aircraft updates will be sent to all of the buyers automatically, don't need to do anything as the updates will intercept you!

X-Plane 10.51 versions are still around:
Reason for keeping the XP10 "line" working at VSKYLABS is that I see XP10 usable for many users, for at least a year from X-Plane's 11 first release (during 2017). I have plans to update the current VSKYLABS add-ons for v10.51 add-ons to X-Plane 11 during the year 2017.

"Keep it stupid and simple":
I always designe my add-on models to meet with X-Plane's out-of-the-box specifications, which means that you don't need to use plugins or other external/3rd party applications and dependencies to make it work. This particular approach is some kind of a "guarantee" that a model will work with almost any reasonable X-Plane future update made by Laminar Research, and was found very useful in several occasions in the past.

Update mechanism in general:
Some X-Plane version updates involves flight-model changes in the core of the sim, and it is usually a straightforward task (for me) to adjust an existing model to the new changes and make it fly with the right handling characteristics. This goes, for example, to airfoils updates, internal calculations (hopefully better), systems re-arrangements, changes that affect C.G, supersonic flight, stall behavior etc...This kind of updates will usually be my 1st priority to have, because it can cause a certain model not to be flyable

Other X-Plane updates may involve new features for the rendering 3D engine/settings, as well as new or additional functions. In this case, a VSKYLABS aircraft will usually be usable, although might not making use of all of the new rendering features. These kind of updates are less predictable, but after an in-depth inspection and learning period, it is usually encountered shortly after such update is being made.

Support forums for VSKYLABS add-ons:
Please use the VSKYLABS Support Forums to write feedback, bug report or any other support related question regarding your VSKYLABS Aircraft package.

Link to X-Plane Support Forums:


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