The VSKYLABS Jet-Pack X-1

Note: In the current X-Plane 11 version (11.00), after a crash (you will probably have at least one...), when using the automatic restart message after a crash for restarting a new flight, you may find the Jet-Pack unable to be normally controlled. In this case, you should try to reload the aircraft manually, or by using the 'developer/reload aircraft' option. This is probably related to X-Plane and not the Jet-Pack, and it will be sorted out in the future.


This is an experimental Jet-Pack. Control is achieved by a mix of weight shifting and thrust vectoring system.

You will have to do a lot of practice to master the Jet-Pack. For a good start, remember these tips:
  1. Use the throttle for general thrust. It is not a conventional aircraft, so while landing, you will need to add power.
  2. You will have to notice and "feel" your general velocity vector. It is hard, since there is no peripheral vision while using a PC.
  3. Keep in mind that you can drift SIDEWAYS, and in order to stop the drifting you will need to BANK against the drift. If you will try to yaw, you will continue to drift due to inertia forces.
  4. When landing, most important things are to be stable and horizontal, with no significant drift. Add enough thrust to make a soft landing.
  5. Watch out from reaching high speeds. The aerodynamic forces will increase, and you will have insufficient power to correct your attitude.  

This is an experimental Jet-Pack, and for the moment, the fuel system is setup so you will have more than enough time to practice. Future updates will include an accurate fuel consumption specifications and control system improvements, folding wings etc...

Here is an interesting link to Jet-Packs history and information:

Have fun :)