VSKYLABS SAS-X Interception Program 2016

VSKYLABS Surface-to-Air and Space (SAS-X) interception program 2016

Wow! What a name for a project!

Well, this project is all about interception of flying vehicles and projectiles in X-Plane's skies and space. The purpose of this project is educational (...and my curiosity about how much can I stretch X-Plane's physics and flight model engines) . The challenge is to build a series of ground based guided missiles stations, and to design it to intercept almost any kind of aerial target (from low-and-slow drones to orbiting satellites and projectiles during re-entry).

In this page, you will be able to download the ground-based interceptors (for free), and easily operate them, knocking out almost everything airborne in X-Plane. I will also write down some information regarding the design approach of each interceptor, and how to operate it (very easy, no plug-ins needed!).

This is going to be stay tuned!

In the video below, you can see the VSKYLABS SA-X1 missile, intercepting some low altitude, sub-sonic targets. The SA-X1 is launched vertically, and the capability of intercepting a low-altitude target is achieved by an initial guidance maneuver (can be seen in the video, when a second interceptor is intercepting the downed targets).

The SA-X1 intercepting six supersonic targets: