VSKYLABS RC Homeland Project
Radio Controlled model airplanes for X-Plane flight simulator.

Welcome to the VSKYLABS 'RC-Homeland' project. This projects is all about Radio Controlled model airplanes simulation in X-Plane flight simulator.

It is highly recommended to use a Transmitter-like controller for these models. Using a regular joystick will compromise realism.

Where to fly
It is highly recommended to use the VSKYLABS RC flying site (free download). This is an RC oriented flying site, that is arranged for RC flying. Switching to Control-Tower view will set you up in the RC-Pilot position with no hassle.

Download Link: VSKYLABS 'RC-City' flying site

Additional RC flying sites are on the design table and will be released soon !

High-Definition vs Lower Definition models

The 'RC-Homeland' project is a freeware project, but there are a few high definition models that are available as a low-cost payware.

The first High-Definition RC package is the 'Scratch-Built RC Legends 2015' package (a highly realistic RC models for professional training). 

Main page can be found in this link:
VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends 2015' package

FREE MODELS (lower definition models)
VSKYLABS RC Models for X-Plane 10 (Freeware)

These models are with a variety of qualities and features. Some are better from others, but all of them are updated and upgraded every once in a while... 
Coming soon (Freeware and Payware)
RC Giant Scale DHC-2
RC Giant Scale F-4U Corsair 
RC Giant Scale DH88 Comet
RC Giant Scale Ercoupe 
RC Giant Scale SkyRocket
RC Turbine F-104
RC GeeBee Racer
RC Turbine Kfir
RC Giant Scale Airliner Trainer
RC Giant Scale B-52
And many more....


  1. Just getting started in the R/C world. I'm fascinated by autogyros and want to start there (May not be the wisest of moves, but hey...). I have not been able to find the specifics of how I integrate my R/C transmitter (Spektrum DX6E) with my MacBook Pro, X-Plane, and your models. I gather this is often done using the buddy link but the DX6E only offers wireless connection and it does not seem to be stated anywhere whether this is Bluetooth (and hence easy to link with the MBP) or some other wireless protocol. Any tips on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sorry for the late response.

      Connecting a wireless tx is something that I haven't done (yet...). I guess that you will have to find a way to get your tx communicating with your wifi network, or directly with your PC, and continue from that point...

      I would search for existing hardware for this purpose...try to learn how (or if) this is possible with Aerofly RC simulator (and your tx). Aerofly is an example for a flighsim that usually makes it simple to interact with. If they sell a dongle that will get you tx to be recognized as a joystick...then you might be able to use it with any windows software (x-plane and other).

      Another chance would be to run a search in Hobby-King.

      There may be another way...I will make a fast research and will get back to you during next week.

      Thanks and have a great weekend!

      JetManHuss :)

    2. Here is a link to this subject in the support forum:

  2. Thanks for your reply. From my research it seems there are two choices for radios that don't have a wired buddy box connection: 1) a USB RF dongle that receives the radio signal and converts appropriately, or 2) a USB to receiver "lumpy cable" that takes the output from the R/C receiver module and converts those outputs accordingly. The latter would be much more universal I would think, but I'm still digging.