VSKYLABS RC-City scenery for X-Plane 10

Scroll down to see videos with some action in this scenery

VSKYLABS 'RC-City' flying site:

  • This scenery was built especially to serve the VSKYLABS 'Scratch Built RC Legends 2015' project.
  • An interactive RC airfield - the objects in the environment are physically existing, so the airplane can collide and interact with them (antenna's, cars, ski-jump ramps, pylons, fences etc.).
  • The objects are arranged carefully in the flying area to give the RC pilot "clues" about depth perception for flying.
  • Pilot position is well thought of and placed as a setup (tower view: 'Shift' + '5') at the right spot and elevation for best RC flying experience.
  • In addition to runways there are two large and wide ski-ramps, three giant pylons, one concrete obstacle to fly through. The ski-ramps can be used with full scale airplanes of X-Plane, to raise the fun factor :)

Installation instructions - RC runway Scenery:
  • Inside the unpacked .zip package, there is a folder of the runway.
  • Locate the folder of the 'RC-City' runway.
  • Copy/Move the 'RC-City' runway folder into X-Plane's 'Custom scenery' folder.
  • After starting X-Plane, select global airport: 'RCC1'.
General Operation:
  • After loading your plane in the 'RC-City' runway, selecting the Tower-View ('shift'+'5'), you'll be set-up in the pilot's remote view point, which is by the runway and at humans height.
  • For RC operations, It is recommended to set the flight model for maximum realism, and the field of view to 65 degrees when flying in-cockpit FPV, and 25 degrees when flying from external point-of-view. Use the zoom as flight condition requires.
  • It is recommended to use transmitter type controller for maximum realism. (RC USB controllers for example).
  • You can use this scenery with a full-scale aircraft...takeoff from the ramps etc...REAL FUN!!!

Here are some videos with action, taken in this scenery.
Aircraft in this videos are not included in this package: