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VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter Update History
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16th January 2017 - NEWS UPDATE

** CURRENT VERSION IS V11.00-004.1 / V10.51-004  **
(X-Plane 11.00 + 10.51)
  • X-Plane 11.00 update release, version V11.00-004.1
  • Update details for version V11.00-004.1:
    • The package is including a designated X-Plane 11 version.
    • Flight model refinements for X-Plane 11.
    • 3D model refinements for X-Plane 11.
  • The package is including, of course, both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.51 versions.

12th January 2017 - NEWS UPDATE

** CURRENT VERSION IS V10.51-004 / V11.PB5-004 **
(X-Plane 10.51 + X-Plane 11 Beta)
  • Update details for version 004:
    • MAJOR engineering update for the flight model.
    • MAJOR engineering update for the 3D model.
    • NOTE: The F-19 version for X-Plane 11 is a BETA RELEASE. 3D Rendering artifacts, as well as other minor bugs may be visible while using the V11 models. These bugs will be fixed shortly after X-Plane 11 will pass its beta phase.
  • The last version of the VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter was not usable in X-Plane 11 (beta). This was the reason why I decided to update the package to X-Plane 11. Since X-Plane 11 is still beta (currently public-beta-5), the VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth fighter update for X-Plane 11 is also in a state of "beta". Main purpose for this update is to make the plane flyable in X-Plane 11 and to make the preparations for complete XP-11 immigration in the future.
  • The package had to be updated also to X-Plane 10.51, in the process of X-Plane 11 integration.
  • This package is including TWO sets of two aircraft:
    • X-Plane 10.51-004:
      • F-19 SF (the F-19 with the authentic caged canopy).
      • F-19 SF BC (the F-19 with the bubble-canopy and 3D HUD).
    • X-Plane 11.PB5-004:
      • F-19 SF (the F-19 with the authentic caged canopy).
      • F-19 SF BC (the F-19 with the bubble-canopy and 3D HUD).

22/12/2015 - NEWS UPDATE

** CURRENT VERSION IS 2015-003.1 **
(X-Plane 10.42+)
  • Version 2015-003.1 is including TWO separate aircraft:
    • F-19 SF (the F-19 with the authentic caged canopy).
    • F-19 SF BC (the F-19 with the bubble-canopy and 3D HUD).
  • New updates and fixes for both aircraft:
    • The F-19 SF is including a minor FIX to the 2D HUD in 2D view mode.
    • The F-19 SF BC is a brand new, additional model with the only difference of being equipped with a bubble-canopy and a 3D HUD.
    • Both aircraft are getting the 2015-003.1 designationThey share the same architecture and development phase, so they actually the same model excluding the canopy and the HUD.
  • Note that in order to switch from the 2D HUD to the 3D HUD, you will have to turn-on the 2D HUD using the 'HUD POWER SWITCH' and It will automatically switch to the 3D view.
Here is a screenshot of the F-19 SF BC Version 2015-003.1:


21/12/2015 - NEWS UPDATE
** CURRENT VERSION IS 2015-003.0 **
  • Version 2015-003 is a major model-architecture update.
  • Complete overhaul for the 3D cockpit objects arrangements, now lighting is more clear and reflections are better, plus it is more "X-Plane efficient" sets of objects.
  • Fuselage is re-modeled, including new intake design (main intake plus ventral engine cooling intakes) and new textures set of 4096x4096 resolution.
Here is a screenshot from version 2015-003.0


10/12/2015 - NEWS UPDATE
** CURRENT VERSION IS 2015-002.1 **
  • Version 2015-002.1 is a minor update for the 2015-002 version.
  • What's new? Just a fix to the textures color of the inner canopy structure.

09/12/2015 - NEWS UPDATE
** CURRENT VERSION IS 2015-002 **
  • Version 2015-002 features the F-19 original and authentic Testors/Italeri canopy structure (screenshot below).
  • HUD speed, altitude and velocity vector cue scrolls to track vector - this, and additional pilot's POV fix enables a comfortable forward view when executing shallower final approaches and improves carrier deck visuals.
  • New engines intakes, with visible, real scaled and animated engines compressors. This design is also a plausible solution, giving the F414-GE-400 engine specification and the intakes required surface/volume plus 'hiding' the engines compressors inside the fuselage to enhance it's stealthy characteristics.
  • Structure and texture improvements to the dorsal cooling intakes.
  • Structure fixed to accommodate all internal features: weapon bays, landing gears bays, F414 internal engines exhaust structure and internal fuel tanks. (the aircraft is now ready for engineering drawing/cutaway drawing which will be available soon).
  • A few fixes to overall textures.
Authentic F-19 Canopy and cockpit structure in version 002
New intake design with animated engine compressors


This is the VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter development news & updates

  • Version 2015/001 is the current version (For X-Plane 10.41+). 
  • All future development & updates for this aircraft are and will be free to all VSKYLABS F-19 buyers. 
  • Version for X-Plane 9.70+ is a probability, and if it will be executed, it will be included as a FREE update to all VSKYLABS F-19 buyers. 
  • Keep tracks of this page; as soon it will be filled with information regarding this aircraft future upgrade plan.