VSKYLABS 'Little Lightning'

VSKYLABS 'Little-Lightning' aircraft add-on for X-Plane 10.36+


What can I say?:
It's a 'Little Lightning' !
A beautiful classic piece of an aircraft !

This classic aircraft is a light-and-small JetManHuss - version of the legendary P-38 Lightning. It's fresh and streamlined design, built to match the performance of an ultralight aircraft with good flight handling characteristics. With it's large wingspan, new fuselage and cockpit design, fixed, streamlined landing gears and advanced GPS on board, this little lightning will take you to the skies with a real style :)

General specification:
Crew: one pilot.
Weight: 645 lbs empty / 1028 lbs fully loaded.
Wing span: 22 feet.
Length: 22 feet.
Engines: two counter-rotating, 74HP reciprocating engines.
Maximum speed: ~170 knots.
Stall speed: ~50 knots.

Project features:
  • High detailed 3D model, glares in the sun (also the scratched, bubble canopy).
  • Fully animated.
  • 3D cockpit (with lights for a romantic night flying).
  • Amazing sounds.
  • Cool textures.
  • Free future updates.

Flying tips:
  • This little lighting will start rolling forward on idle, without brakes. You can taxi the plane on a single engine for a more comfortable ride.
  • Flaps are very effective. Pay attention to pitch trim, to avoid a nose-down moment on flaps retraction.
  • On a single engine, the little lightning needs attention and care. Always turn towards the LIVE engine, use the rudder trip knob and keep your speed up.
  • Have Fun !!!

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