VSKYLABS 'Twin Racer 007'

VSKYLABS 'Twin-Racer 007' Full scale racing airplane Add-on for X-Plane 10.36+
(Based on the DH.88 Comet)


Recommended Field of View setup is 65 to 95 degrees

3D Cockpit is animated and straight forward, with all the needed instruments and 3D switches for fun-fly operations, including an 'F-O-V' button to change the field of view settings and a 'SERVICE' button to open the canopy and hatches. Two rheostats are located on top the from panel for instruments and flood lights.

This project features:

  • High quality, fully animated 3D design.
  • 3D cockpit with sun-glaring glass canopy.
  • Open the canopy and service hatches from the cockpit.
  • Realistic sounds.
  • Performance and handling are realistic (and simple).
  • Free future updates of this amazing, evolving airplane.

The aircraft is a good performer, with specifications and performance which are similar to the DH.88 Comet airplane.

Specifications of the 'Twin Racer' 007:
Crew: one
Length: 29 ft 
Wingspan: 44 ft 
Height: 10 ft 
Wing area: 212.5 sq ft 
Empty weight: 2,930 lb 
Loaded weight: 5,550 lb 
Power plant: 2 × 230 hp engines

General performance:
Maximum speed: ~190 knots
Cruise speed: ~160 knots
Stall speed: ~60 knots