VSKYLABS 'Little Rocket Racer'

VSKYLABS 'Little Rocket Racer' add-on for X-Plane 10.36+

What can I say?:
It's a Little Rocket Racer !!!
The Highest fun and thrill you can squeeze out of X-Plane flight simulator.

This magnificent aircraft is a light-and-small JetManHuss - version of the Legendary Sky Rocket. It's built around a single pilot, it's light, fast and a thrill to fly. It's not for beginners, but it will forgive the novice pilot with it's stability and ease of control, and will challenge the ace pilot with it's dare devil behavior when it's pushed down to it's limits.

One of my favorite creations of all times for sure!

General specifications:
Crew: one pilot.
Weight: 850 lbs empty / 1140 lbs fully loaded.
Wing span: 22.4 feet.
Length: 16 feet.
Engines: two counter-rotating, 125HP reciprocating engines.
Maximum speed: 190 knots.
Stall speed: ~60 knots.

Project features:
  • High detailed 3D model, glares in the sun (also the scratched, bubble canopy).
  • Fully animated.
  • 3D cockpit (with lights for a romantic night flying).
  • Amazing sounds.
  • Cool textures.
  • Free future updates.

Please read the COPYRIGHT and DISCLAIMER information which can be found at and also within the package archive.