Easy Handling & Orientation Training feature

VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015 news (20.5.2015):

This is a brief 'News' update, revealing some more features of my 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015 project for X-Plane 10 flight simulator.

* Having the development running even faster than planned, release of the VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015 is expected to be around mid August 2015.

The 'Easy Handling and Orientation Training' Feature:
One of the most thrilling features I've implemented in my 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' RC models is aimed for beginners. A known and frustrating matter for a beginner RC pilot is that once he or she hits the throttle, their flying, living RC model's 'Event Log' is growing rapidly, and each second that pass makes the spatial situation and conception more complex, mainly due the very low orientation and handling skills. 

What I've decided, is to give the pilot a choice of 'Freezing' the model, up in the air, at a desired point, while all the physics is still running. The model will fly but will not lose height nor change it's position. It is possible to select a desired point of view, and start practicing orientation, especially when the model flies inbound (pointing at the pilot). 

Because the physics is still running, it is possible to practice some handling aspects as stalls, spins, single engine operation and more.

Once decided, the model can be 'released' and set free to the skies! (see video below).

Until next time :)


Here is a video, demonstrating the 'Easy Handling and Orientation Training' feature:

In addition, Here is a short video showing some cuts from the (long) process of tuning the 'Fun-Factor' of the package :)