VSKYLABS XF-103 'Thunderwarrior'

VSKYLABS Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia):
The Republic XF-103 was an American project to develop a high speed interceptor aircraft capable of destroying Soviet bombers. Despite a prolonged development, it never progressed past the mock-up stage.

The XF-103 was developed as a high-speed high-altitude aircraft specifically designed to intercept incoming enemy bombers. The XF-103 was proposed in the same contract competition that resulted in the Convair F-102--Project MX-1554 Interceptor Fighter Airplane. The Republic design, Model AP-57, underwent a design performance evaluation conducted by the Air Material Command (AMC). The results showed an estimated top speed of 1438 knots. A limiting Mach number of 3.0 was quoted due to excessive (estimated) turbine inlet air temperature.

The Republic XF-103 Model AP-57 had a Delta wing swept-back 55 degrees at the leading edge and incorporates a variable incidence feature.

The horizontal tail is of the Delta configuration with a sweep-back angle of 60 degrees at the leading edge.

The alighting gear was of the tricycle type and retracts into the fuselage.

The turbo-jet was a Wright Aeronautical Corporation XJ-67-W-1 power plant with afterburner. A Ferri type two-dimensional engine air inlet is used. The thrust of the turbo-jet engine was limited at high Mach numbers by the allowable turbine inlet temperature. The air bypassed the engine compressor and turbine, and using the afterburner as a ram-jet combustion chamber, the available thrust is greatly increased above a Mach number of 2.0.

Cockpit field of view replicating authentic simulated field of view tested in a mockup back in the old years....

Seen in the screenshot below:
Upper strip is the mockup FOV (Field Of View).
Lower strips are VSKYLABS 2D Cockpit panel.
Recommended Field Of View setting in X-Plane is 65 degrees.

X-Plane can't simulate RamJet engines. Therefore the the Turbojet engine is set up to include the XF-103 Turbojet engine plus it's Ramjet engine.
To simulate operation of the turbojet engine, set the Afterburner level switch to LOW. When full thrust is desired, set it to HIGH.
(true Ramjet engines can't produce thrust below 0.8-0.9 mach, but this is the limitation for X-Plane right now...).

Aerodynamic platform - Wing incidence:
Wing incidence is set up to operate at low airspeed, meaning for takeoff and landing. Wing incidence animation movement can not be seen visually, but it's there...
Operation is simple, The incidence is coupled to the main pitch control of the aircraft, and automatically degraded until zero effect after reaching 250 - 300 knots.

Aerodynamic platform - Flaps:
Use flaps for takeoff and landing.
Extracting the flaps inflight requieres pitch down trim. They coupled to the elevator to help trimming the aircraft at low airspeed.

Aerodynamic platform - Artificial stability:
The aircraft is equipped with artificial stability in all 3 axes. Use it to eliminate yaw, roll and pitch oscillation.

The aircraft is HEAVY, with minimal wing area. This is not your choice for tight dogfights.

COCKPIT AND INSTRUMENTATIONCurrent version of the VSKYLABS XF-103 is with 2D Cockpit panel only, and minimal essential systems.
Before takeoff make sure to set up these two switches:
Afterburner level - set to LOW.
Artificial stability - set to ON.