VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' Development Report 27.04.2015

VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' Development Report

I've been working on the 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015 project for quite some time now, and wanted to share some more information about my favorite project in X-Plane Flight Simulator.

In this post, I'll write a bit about the RC model airplanes of the package. In the future I'll talk about the RC flying site, 'RC-CITY', which is an interactive and challenging playground for RC pilots.

Flight model:
I'll make this one short. It's the most realistic, PC-generated, Giant Scale RC flight model you can find on Earth in the year 2015. Sure, It's not the real thing, but it gets so close.......!

Stretching the flight model in an aggressive landing:

Level of detail:
My projects are intended mostly for my own personal use, curiosity and fun. I wanted to create a real 'substitute' for building and flying RC Model airplanes, so my approach was like as if I'm building a real-life Scratch Built RC model, Inside out (well, almost...). I have a lot of real life experience in actually building and flying Scratch Built RC model airplanes, so it was very intuitive: first thing I did is to do some research, trying to find out which model airplane I would have built as a real life project. After seeing the DH.88 in action, I learned some of it's building plans which were available in the Internet (from Foam to Giant Scale), and decided to start my RC project with this magnificent airplane.

The structure is made with 3D design software (!), instead of balsa and plywood, so some parts of it were very easy to model, while others were modeled as if I'm really building this plane (engine nacelle, nose-cone, fuselage compartment, cockpit compartment, and some of the visible openings in the wings/tail). I decided to model the engines, and even the control servos of the throttle, ailerons, rudder and elevator. Building the structure was a real 'scratch-built' project...

One of the 'test-pilots' of the DH.88 was Austin Meyer. He is the creator of X-Plane flight simulator, a real life pilot and aircraft builder and developer, and an RC pilot too. It was a real thrill for me to get his remarks and notes, and I learned a lot from him about X-Plane's aircraft developing standards. His personal point of view about my evolving model was really helpful and I really enjoyed the interaction with him :)

I used the same building method for the P-38, and created two highly detailed Giant-Scale RC models. It was also important not to make these models too "shiny and perfect". This is not how real RC model airplanes should look, so my models have dents, bends, scratches, oil stains and some other damage (although they ARE nice and shiny!)

Model Airplanes within the package:
Apart of the DH.88 and the P-38, I built more scratch-built giant scale models which are a thrill to fly: the Grumman Skyrocket, the de Havilland Canada DHC-2, and the ERCO Ercoupe. Gathered with these are an improved models of my F-22, SU-33 and the VSKYLABS 'Greyhound'. I intend to reach a number of at least 10 highly detailed giant scale RC models in the 2015 package.

Package release:
Somewhere around October 2015. I'm not sure if I'll make this one a completely freeware addon, since it consumed, consumes and will consume a lot of hours of development. This is something I'll have to think about...

Here are screenshots of some of the Model Airplanes which are a part of the
VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015:

In the next report of the VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015, I'll write about the flying site and the features of some of the models (such as FPV). So...stay tuned!