VSKYLABS 'Greyhound-G3'

Greyhound - G3


Original Design of a high performance two seat light Jet aircraft Prototype.
The Greyhound is a research prototype which designed for control and stability investigation of lightweight, high performance aircraft.



Greyhound-1 (v10.36 2015-001)
Greyhound-2 (v10.42 2015-002)
Greyhound-3 (v10.45 2016-002)




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Update log:

23.5.2016 - New version released (GREYHOUND G3): 2016-002 (MAJOR update release):
  • The G-3 version is updated with an enlarged flight envelope. It is more powerful and agile. Weight, wings and control setup as well as the artificial stabilization system were tuned up. 

3.1.2016 - New version released (GREYHOUND G3): 2016-001 (MAJOR update release):
  • Aircraft configuration development: New wing (low aspect. tapered wing configuration).
  • Improved performance and stability. 
  • External fuel tank (drop-tank).
  • Improved cockpit engine and fuel management and display.
  • New textures.
25.12.2015 - New version released (GREYHOUND G2): 2015-002 (minor update release):
  • Flight model refinements - aircraft is more stable.
  • Pilot POV changed - more comfortable forward vision during landings.

Project overview:
The VSKYLABS 'Greyhound' is a high performance two seat light Jet aircraft, built around two General Electric J-85 engines (same as in the T-38 Talon).
The challenge of this project was to design an ultralight yet plausible, high performance aircraft, with a wide flight envelope and good stability characteristics.

3.1.2016 Update highlights:
The 'greyhound' prototype is now upgraded to "G3". 
Being a lightweight, powerful aircraft, draws several challenges in it's design, especially stability and high speed/low speed handling qualities. The Greyhound G3 is designed to takeoff and land at airspeed of 140-160 knots, while it can go supersonic. Keeping it stable and comfortable to control at all speeds was the purpose of this major update, turning it from "G2" to "G3".

Wing layout changed from swept to tapered, bringing the center of lift forward and "smoothing" the high alpha stall characteristics of the swept wing. This change also made it possible to add an external fuel tank without great changes to trim and handling at all speeds.

6.9.2015 Update highlights:
The 'greyhound-2' prototype is more heavy, long and stable aircraft than the first 'greyhound' prototype. It's aerodynamic layout is improved and it's flight model was re-built, as well as the cockpit, which include now a 3D Heads-Up-Display, and some fixes such as adjustment buttons for the CDI needle. External and internal 3D models and textures are improved, with ambient occlusion and normal mapping. 

VSKYLABS 'Greyhound-3' general specs:
Empty weight: 5300 lbs
Maximum takeoff weight: 10,000 lbs
Length: 30.5 feet (without the nose tube).
Wingspan: 22 feet.
Power plant: Two General Electric J-85 Turbojets engines, 3500 lbs of dry thrust, 5000 lbs with full afterburner.

How to fly the 'Greyhound-3':
It's a very light and powerful sport plane. A tuned up Artificial Stabilization system provides good authority and safety at all airspeeds. 
Use the Air Brake on final when landing.
Leading edge Flaps are automatically extracted below 250 knots.
Most important: Have fun!!!

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New introduction video and screenshots:

Greyhound G2 older screenshots