Friday, November 27, 2015

VSKYLABS F-19 Features List

  • General Design:
    • Detailed air frame based on the authentic Testors/Italeri design.
    • VSKYLABS development of the F-19 is approved by Italeri.
  • Flight Controls and Air frame:
    • Each wing consists differential spoilers for roll control.
    • Single, central elevator is located behind the engines exhaust nozzles, and serves also as "thrust deflector", thus increase pitch authority control at full power.
    • Fixed Canards are located in front of the engines intakes. The Canards improves pitch-trim loads and also straighten the intake airflow.
    • Dual speed brakes are biased to both rudders.
    • Control system is powered by dual, engine driven Hydraulic systems, backed up by automatic, manual control system mechanism.
    • 3 x internal weapon bays for internal armament.
    • Engine intakes re-designed into a plausible structure to for the F414-GE-400 engine specification and intake required surface/volume.
  • Landing and Arresting Gear:
    • Landing gears: The F-19 is equipped with an aircraft carrier operational landing gears system. Main and nose gears are similar to the F-18 heavy duty landing gears mechanism. The detailed landing gears are fully animated.
    • Tail hook.
    • Braking chute.
  • Cockpit and Avionics:
    • Two versions of the aircraft: Caged canopy, and bubble-type canopy.
    • The bubble-type canopy aircraft features a 3D HUD.
    • By concept, as a single seat attack fighter, the cockpit is similar to the F-18/E cockpit.
    • 3 x main MFD's for map/tactical/nav aids/artificial horizon and flight data displays. Heading bug, HSI needle, display modes, map zoom in/out are all controllable through click buttons of the MFD's.
    • 1 x ECAM screen for engine data, system damage and fuel management information.
    • 1 x screen for X-Plane's pop-up GPS system.
    • Electric panel: Generators, Battery, Inverters.
    • ECS (environmental control system): Pressurization (cabin press/ram/dump), Anti Ice, Bleed Air.
    • INTR LT panel: consoles, flood lights.
    • EXT LT panel: Nav, Strobe.
    • FUEL panel: fuel management, fuel transfer, fuel dump. shutoff.
    • Autopilot operations with altitude, heading, attitude, terrain following modes.
    • Annunciator panels.
    • Engine Fire extinguishers.
    • Stick, throttles, landing gears, tail hook, parking brakes.
    • All switches and displays include detailed information for on-screen instruments explanation (feature you can to easily enable/disable in X-Plane).

  • Armament/Weapon systems:
    • Internal weapons selector:  2 x AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, 1 x Long Range Strategic AGM missile (classified).
    • Defensive Flare/Chaff.
    • Parachute flares.
    • Reconnaissance Camera (View Finder) with dual tilt and field of view modes (horizontal/vertical, wide/narrow) and night vision capability. 
    • Night Vision switch for all views.
    • HUD display (the F-19 is not equipped with a HUD system, but there is an option to use HUD displays).

  • Power Plant:
    • 2 × General Electric F414-GE-400 turbofans.
    • Dry thrust: 13,000 lbf (62.3 kN) each (no afterburner).
  • Interactivity
    • The MFD left/right screens are clickable for easy head glancing left/right; it's a toggle click mechanism so the second click gets you back on center-line view.
    • The Middle MFD screen is clickable also, for fast changing of the field of view. It's a toggle mechanism also and you can switch easily between 65 to 95 degrees.
    • On screen explanations for each operational switch in the cockpit.
  • Sounds:
    • Custom sounds, Layered sounds.
    • Custom warning sounds for defensive missile launch, pull-up, warning, engine fire, high angle of attack, electronic radar alt readouts and more.
  • Textures:
    • 4096*4096 textures layout.


  1. This aircraft looks amazing, very detailed and functional. Congratulations!

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